Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Inside #the5 Tuesday

Good morning, time for #the5 before the work day begins.

The theme today appears to be 'holistic". Starting with some of the arguments against the Cape Wind project as being too expensive. Compared to what? The already subsidized production costs of carbon fuels? That is not a fair comparison. The costs exclude the penalty we are paying for the one time use of the carbon fuels. The comparison to the Cape Wind should be easily won when those costs are included.

"The oil, gas and coal industries do not have to pay for the pollution they dump" changes the cost compare  

As we move towards a tagged data world, the folks at Creative Commons have come up with a tag to mark those items in the Public Domain. This will help save some research time and possibly increase the mashup potential if not the re-use.

Part of the Public Domain? There's a Mark for That  - moving towards a tagged world! 

Ah, yes - free is not always free is it?

The Story Behind "Free Public WiFi" - It's Not  - be careful "may simply be no-good, ad hoc networks" 

And this one gets at a key point in any data gathering effort. What are you going to do with the data? Does the data really reflect the activity you are attempting to capture? Is it rock solid or are there assumptions to be made? Especially in a security situation, you need to be sure.

"With monitors situated to report on User Activity, the next step is to use the data" Monitoring up the Stack  

Yes, there are risks to social media. One should define when to or when not to use it. If you are in a situation like on a jury, better not do it at all rather than have something taken out of context.

The Risks of Social Media: Unfair Trials by Jury  me: don't be too social when on the case! 

What can you share today?