Sunday, October 31, 2010

"I love my new bike"

Allison joined Dolores and I for a ride along the Blackstone River Bike Path on Saturday.

You may recall that Dolores got her new bike last weekend. This was the first good ride with it. She definitely likes it. When Allison and I caught up with her at the turnaround point, she was singing "I love my new bike, I love my new bike" to the tune of Pete the Cat's song "I love my new shoes"

Riding between the old canal way and the river is a treat. Each season brings its own color and look to the area.

Fall in New England is such a glorious time of colors!

The sound of the leaves as the bike rolled through them. The sounds of the geese in the river.

The river itself is quiet this time of year. A far cry from the roaring spring.

There are multiple access points to the Blackstone River Bike Path. We tend to use the rest area off i295 northbound, about a mile or so above RI Route 146. The facility has a Dunkin Donuts and rest rooms which makes for convenient services to begin and end our ride.

From the building it is less than a mile to the trail itself. On the trail you can go north to Woonsocket (about 6 miles, 12 round trip) or south into Cumberland (about 3 miles, 6 round trip).