Sunday, October 03, 2010

Busy times

The Job Search Jam Sessions were successful on Friday. At least 60 folks were involved to learn, share and network on topics like LinkedIn, entrepreneurship, networking, interview questions, "selling yourself by the pound" and more. This is what the schedule board looked like: (the post-it notes worked nicely to allow for juggling the sessions from one time slot to another or from one room to another as capacity required).

Saturday morning I spent time with other members of the newly reforming Board of Directors for the Franklin Food Pantry. We were deep into planning and came up with our vision, mission statement and several goals for the next couple of years. More work remains to be done but we are underway. Exciting times! You'll be hearing more about this as the work gets formalized.

While walking and picking up recyclable items today (I ended up with a big bag) I was pondering on the natural cycle of seasons. Growth and renewal. Harvest and hibernation. A sherku appeared.

What are you up to?