Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The pattern becomes clear

A bunch of goodness in #the5 links today. From Facebook to disclosures to PodCamp Boston's after party to location and finally to William Gibson's new book. Have you read any of his work? If you haven't start with  Neuromancer. His new book Zero History continues some characters from Pattern Recognition which was the most recent one I had read. Looking up links now, I realize I guess I missed one along the way: Spook Country. I have some reading to do as Zero History completes the trilogy starting with Pattern Recognition!

Video On Claiming Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Places Pagehttp://bit.ly/8Zl0W5 "claim your Facebook Places Page" #the5

Disclose This! http://bit.ly/9l0HrR " turn your disclaimer lemons into lemonade" #the5

Podcamp Boston 5 after party featuring Paul Durham from Black Lab http://bit.ly/c4zJ6p @podcampboston #pcb5 #the5

3 ways to boost your business with location tools http://bit.ly/bY5tUjwhat's that saying: "location, location, location" #the5

Thank You, William Gibson http://bit.ly/aciCKx "I came to the realization that I am not (in fact) an actual person" #the5

What can you share today?