Monday, September 13, 2010

job search notes: kindergarten series - role play and focus

My first full week of work and hence the posting schedule adjusts accordingly, so this is late today. If you have folks in school this week, be kind to them as the week progresses; this is the first five day week of school. The effort and new routine will tax them this week.

Seven Ways to Follow-Up With New People"follow-up with those that you connect with" #the5

The devil is in the details and one of the key details is always concerning follow-up! Practice following up. Imagine making the phone call. It will be easier when you actually do make the call!

For 20 Minutes, Let Yourself Be Baggage Free"u are pretty much FUBAR until u learn 2 put aside ur baggage"#the5
In all the networking I have done in the past two years, particularly on the job hunt, one of the disturbing finds has been folks who complain about not being able to find work. Listening to them, I can say to myself, well I wonder why? Are you showing your baggage?

Share your 5 Photo Stories on Posterous"simple approach to digital storytelling" me: helps to focus the message #the5
Focus is key to good writing, you need to get to the what's in it for the audience. There are many ways to force the content into focus and the 5 story concept sounds good.

Game mechanics for non-profits "how a non-profit might be able to make use" #the5

Why are games so popular? Easy to use (no manual to read). Satisfaction built into them (success brings rewards). Focused on a single objective (focus again!). So why don't you approach your job hunt like a game?

Marketing Over Coffee Newsletter 6: Return to Sender Edition me: a bonus for #the5