Friday, September 03, 2010

job search notes: kindergarten series - how do you know?

"Simply put: you know when you know" - then it IS Friday and time for #the5, good morn to all - Schedules

Do you know when you can name it? Do you know when you can put it in a place?

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Returns "we’re close to a tipping point of people actively trying to improve" #the5
Do you know when you can measure it? How do you know when you are at the tipping point?

Twitter brings me food "How many companies or organizations can and do the same?" #the5
You can point out good examples when they occur. This kind of sharing should help inspire others.

Guest blog series – What do teachers need from administrators? me: tune in to this series next wk! #the5
You can provide others the chance to stand up and speak for themselves.

Videos for Learning About Congress me: yes, a civics refresher! #the5
You can appeal to their individual learning methods. Some preference text, some are more visual.

Age Discrimination? Or Experience Discrimination? "Don’t let the employer form these kinds of impressions about you"
One of the successful sessions during the Job Search Jam Session in May was a discussion on how to deal with this age issue. We do need to (1) be aware of it and (2) deal with it to emphasize the positive. If we take the high road, we can truly show that our experience and willingness to learn and share will help their company be a better place. That has to help their bottom line!

Successful Career Networking: Being Good With Names "Cows with names produce 68 more gallons of milk"
A good point brings us back to names and round the circle to knowing. How well do you know someone? If you have just met them once, and then see them again, do you remember their name? This does take some practice and in my networking one area I have really tried to focus on. I really want to be able to see someone the second time and make the connection relevant to our first meeting.

How do you know what you know? What can you share today?

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