Thursday, September 09, 2010

job search notes: insights from #the5

morning to all, time for #the5 before 'hi ho, hi ho, its off to work I go'
It is good to see ticket sales with minimal notification thus far. The word is just starting to spread and there is still time before October 1. Get your ticket now, help spread the word to your friends and neighbors who maybe looking for work. This day will get them started anew on their job search!
Job Search Jam Sessions: 18 Ways to Build Confidence While Finding a Job start in Hopkinton! #the5
There are multiple opportunities just around New England. PodCamp Boston 5, PodCamp Connecticut, PodCamp New Hampshire, the list goes on... oh and of course, the just mentioned Job Search Jam Sessions
5 Reasons Your Business Should be Sponsoring Social Media Events me: there are opportunities! #the5
GregBD is on the road with a good start. How is your self care?
Developing a Self Care Consciousness: Newly Single, Passion, Fully Engaged and the Fine Art of Self Care #the5
Physical access is a great line of defense followed by passwords or access cards. How strong is your password?
The Usibility of Passwords me: where strength really matters! #the5
Once access is achieved, it may not make much of a difference if the data is also encrypted. Then there is another layer of access required - the encryption key!
New Release: Data Encryption 101 for PCI free download, good info #the5 do you know how safe your data is?
What can you share today?