Friday, September 10, 2010

job search notes: Inside Friday #the5

hello Friday, time for #the5 - 5 tips for using Priority Inbox still figuring out how I can adjust to the changes
I have tried the 'to do' list but wasn't happy with it being out of the way. I created labels for "Action" and "NewWork" to keep on task with to do's and follow up. Now I need to figure out how to adjust to use the new features available with the priority inbox

Ira Glass live: review "A place where reason doesn’t necessarily hold sway" #the5
If you don't already listen to "This American Life", I do recommend it. Very thoughtful works. Much better to listen to than the drivel that fills most of the drive time radio waves.

Google Family Safety Center - A Resource for Parents "a top priority for every parent" #the5
I like the concept and will explore this further to see how well they actually do.Creating the appropriate sandbox for your children to play, learn and growth within is critical to your (and their) long term success.

Keep Your To-Do List Handy in Google Chrome me: where do you keep your 'to do' list? #the5
As mentioned above, I had played with the 'to do' listing provided by Google and wasn't happy with it. This tab feature now puts it front and center every time you open a new tab. Overkill? We'll see how it goes for a couple of days.

How Do the Employed/Unemployed Spend Their Time? "nteresting data to ponder, regardless" #the5
The weekly Job Search Work Team at LHH required a report on the total hours spent on the job search. The numbers there conflict with the report but then again, this was a serious group. They were committed to return weekly, committed to help each other, and ultimately would graduate by landing a position. Compared to sitting around and hoping, is there a choice?

As a bonus link: Jason Seiden is quoted on the Job Search Jam Session website today:
Jason Seiden says "Use your story to make an impression " Job Search Jam Sessions Oct 1 #in

What can you share today?