Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Midweek tweets and commentary

As a recent user of Foursquare, I find it little used so this 'problem' is seriously being taken out of proportion.
The Truth About Foursquare's "Stalker Problem": It Isn't Foursquare's Problem #the5

Google is continuing to leverage best practices from one area into another. They already have a great filter working for email, now they are bringing it to blog comments. Nice!
New Comments System on Blogger yes, nice to see the continued fine work going on for this platform! #the5

Local news, not very profitably but there is potential. This TBD site is the most recent attempt and it will be interesting to watch to see how it develops.
Why TBD is Important "a model for other local efforts around the country" - who's heard of Franklin? #the5

Having helped some non-profits here in Franklin, and about to get into more involvement with one in particular, this could be of use down the road.
Wild Apricot Blog : How “Facebook Questions” Can Help Small NonProfits: via @addthis #the5

The devil is in the details goes the adage. And so true! The key to success is to follow through!
Sharpen Your Pencil "Sharpen your pencil. Use the pencil. Follow through" me: key is to follow through! #the5
What can you share today?