Thursday, August 05, 2010

job search notes: Thursday's links

There is some time for #the5 today as I get back into the rhythm of the post peak weekend. These while not all from job search related sites can be applied that way.

back from a break, digging out still "One is about finding opportunity, the other filling holes" Offer or Sell?

"it’s important to think of what the design will help you define" Value Your Blog Real Estate #the5

"the apprentice got to see the master working firsthand" Apprenticeship, little things, and formulae for success #the5

RT @CAREEREALISM What’s a Wibiya Bar Do? : CAREEREALISM me: what do you think of this layout? #the5

New Guidelines For #HireFriday Top 5 Tips To Excellence! me: a good thing to do if you're job searching! #the5

What can you share?