Tuesday, August 31, 2010

job search notes: kindergarten series - numbers

Tuesday, already! Yes, goodbye August. How do we know that? Numbers, calendars, statistics all help us keep track of stuff we do, what we do in order to improve how we do it. What do you track? What do you do with what you track? Do you review to make changes?
Introducing Blogger Stats http://bit.ly/agtocT me: condensing some analytics within Blogger, cool! #the5

If you make a change based upon statistics, you need to continue to watch the statistics to see if the change is having the anticipated effect. If you keep doing this then you have created a learning cycle.
Email overload? Try Priority Inbox http://bit.ly/dw9zih "it will get better at categorizing messages for you" a learning system #the5

All the stats on hyperlocal today, from all the experiments done and being explored are convincing. You do it for the love of it! There is no money there!
Hyperlocal: Not for the Faint of Heart http://bit.ly/9HOAxl "it’s certainly expensive in terms of how much time you spend" #the5

A case in point, MaryLynn and George are making changes to their podcast and blog.  How timely. We'll have to see how the change works for them. Have you listened to their podcast? It is great fun!
Our Blog is Holding Our Podcast Hostage http://bit.ly/cpgWGj "bring great information your way in the best format" #the5

The point of learning is to improve. If you don't improve, what is the point?
Learning from Katrina http://bit.ly/bnOpqa "actual behavior has largely remained unchanged" #the5

And from the job search perspective, do you keep stats on how much time spent on the job search? How many applications you have submitted? How many contacts you have made? What does your "sales funnel" look like? I have been reviewing mine and will share the insights here soon.

What can you share today?