Thursday, August 26, 2010

job search notes: kindergarten series - To Do list

This week was time for my annual trip to the local hardware store to buy bags of play sand to refill the sand tubs in the Oak St kindergarten classrooms. School opens next week here in Franklin, MA.

Doesn't that look inviting? Wouldn't you like to grab a shovel and start to build a castle?

Can't do that in kindergarten! Well you can build castles and play with the sand.

But there are things to do first. As you enter the room, the chart outlines the things you need to do.

You need to empty your backpack. Put your lunch, water bottle and snack into your cubbie.

Then put your backpack into the basket. (The cubbies were built too small to fit the backpacks.)

You hang up your name tag to show you are present today.

You wash your hands to practice good personal hygiene.

Then you can make a choice of what to do.

You may recall the book "All I Really Need to Know, I learned in Kindergarten." Robert Fulghum is still writing and writing very well.  With homage to Robert and his works, this is the first of a series on how you can take what happened in kindergarten and bring it to your job search.

Kindergarten was a happy time. There was structure. There was play. There was learning. No reason why the job search can't be the same. And with a happy ending! A position that you will be happy with.

Action item: Make Your Job Search 'To Do' list

  1. get a piece of paper
  2. make the list of things you should do each day (exercise, eat, email, etc.)
  3. post it in a prime spot
  4. check off items as they are completed
  5. move on to the next one

What did you learn in kindergarten that you can now apply to the job search?