Friday, August 06, 2010

job search notes: Jobrapido

I received notification of a new tool to help your job search recently.

Jobrapido can be found here:

I have enabled the alert function to try it out. I also provided feedback that they should consider changing the current wording. The screen shows the current wording below:

The first checkbox says "I want to receive job offers from Jobrapido"
Actually I don't. Why would they send me job offers. If they are hiring, how do they know they need me? However, I do want to receive the job search results that I have queried their site for.

I provided this feedback and hopefully that item will get worded better.

So if you do choose to sign up before they change the wording, you need to at least choose the first checkbox.

If you have additional feedback, you can provide that in the comments, or communicate directly through to them via their website.