Wednesday, August 25, 2010

job search notes: inside #the5

There is more on the story out of Philly on their tax for bloggers. I am glad I don't live down there. I am concerned for all the hobby bloggers.
Philly Bloggers Feeling Overtaxed more on Philly's "Business Privilege License" #the5

In prior customer service positions, I found it was always much easier to find someone with a customer service orientation and then help them learn the application or support position details. Trying to teach someone customer service, if they are not already wired for it, is a waste of time.
The Problem with “I Don’t Know.” me: will you take that extra step to help someone? kudos to those who do!#the5

I'll save my rant to later. If you haven't heard the story about content in context, you can check it out here or here. The short version, look at "recruiting animal'; what would you expect for behavior? If your're thinking white gloves service, I have a bridge for sale.
It’s Not Keen To Be Mean: Boycott The Recruiting Animal On Blogtalkradio! #the5 #hirefriday

I built a good section of my business book collection from the annual visit that the consultants made to UNISYS in the post-merger days (Burroughs merged with Sperry-Univac). It was a different set of consultants each year and they brought with them a new book that was handed out by management as 'the' book that would make a difference. The whole process didn't seem to make much difference. What I did learn from the consultants was how to pitch management. To be successful, you really have to focus and answer the question: "what's in it for me?" (with me = individual managers, and then the company)
9 Ways to Sell Social Media to the Boss "often external consultants seem to have more convincing power" #the5

I love the English language. One word can take on so many meanings. Management as used above refers to the collective body that guides a company. Management here refers to how you can manage your time. What are your priorities? How do you allocate your waking hours?
How Management Can Help You Find A Job " Using tools helps you feel smart. And by using them, you become smart"#the5

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