Monday, August 23, 2010

job search notes: Inside Monday #the5

My tri-corner hat came with me to PubCamp Boston on Saturday. My presence was noticed and the hat itself generated a number of conversations that began with: "What's the story with the hat?" To which I oblige and being the story. I'll vary it depending on how interested they really are. The visual cues the listener provides, helps me navigate to a short version or a longer version. The longer ones are the better ones but you never know when you start.
Chicken Thighs & You: The Power of Personal Branding "if u haven’t given serious thought 2 how 2 differentiate" #the5

I put in a plug for #HireFriday in my write up of the using social media for job search session at PubCampBOS. The shortness of the session itself prevented giving the pitch in person.
10 New Tips For Making The Most Out Of #HireFriday "Don’t forget the world is watching" #the5

The slickness of the integration with LinkedIn and the search results to show who you have in your LinkedIn connections with a link to the hiring company is compelling. I need to spread the word on this tool!
The Secret To Getting Simply Hired me: I like how LinkedIn integrates with the results! #the5

I always wonder how some Twitter requests to follow me get generated. The recent Twitter suggestions increased the number of follow requests dramatically but there were already a number coming along. Some of the requests didn't make a whole lot of sense. What triggered the request? Some search term I used in a tweet? It may have been one of these tools.
Top 5 Most Indispensable Twitter Tools for Marketers me: so that's how accounts get so many followers! #the5

My run on Sunday was a really good one. The moments in time that I was able to capture are similar to the moment captured here.
Change The Pattern For Your Work And Life"everything moved in slow motion during the brief moments" #the5

What do you do when one of these moments in time occur?
Do you stop to think about it? or do you just move on!