Friday, August 13, 2010

Ignite Spatial: Boston 2

I volunteered to help Guido Stein with the Ignite Spatial Boston 2 event Thursday evening. The view of the Charles River from Microsoft NERD facility was splendid!

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I greeted all of the hundred folks who came providing a good welcome for them. The event went smoothly actually running a little ahead of schedule so there was extra time for the break between sets of sessions.

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The crowd reacted during each presentation, sometimes more so than others. The one thing I didn't like about the Ignite format was the need to wait so long, i.e. the break or after the event to ask a question or converse about the topic. On one extreme from the unconference format where they should be (and usually are) much more interactive.

All in all lots of good ideas on using spatial data (i.e. geolocation) for mapping and other applications to provide services.

More on those ideas after I have had some time to noodle on them a bit.