Monday, August 09, 2010

Hiking the Knife's Edge at Mt Katahdin

As mentioned earlier, I had the opportunity to hike Mt Katahdin with some good friends recently. I have sorted through the photos and found the two short video clips that I made during the hike. This first one is part way up the Helon Taylor Trail. We approximately 3400 feet above sea level at this point. Heading to the peak at Pamola which is 3900 and a brief milestone on the way to the peak of Mt Katahdin at 5267.

From Pamola we went into the Chimney and then across the Knife's Edge. There is a very good reason for calling it the knife's edge. The second video will give you a little bit of that understanding but you'll need to see some of the other pictures that I'll be posting to get a better view of the edge. This video is shot from Chimney Pond looking back up to the Helon Taylor Trail, Pamola, the Chimney and then across the Knife's Edge to the Katahdin Peak. It still doesn't fully do it justice.

You would have to see this yourself.

If you are less adventurous, I would recommend taking the Hunt Trail to the peak. The Hunt Trail is actually the last leg of the Appalachian Trail that starts at Springer Mt in Goergia.

Stay tuned for more pictures!