Tuesday, July 27, 2010

learning and sharing

Dissing Facebook’s like http://bit.ly/9Mpq4I "journalists might be happier in a world full of dislikeness" #the5

Do You Think Like the Upper-Class or the Middle-Class? http://bit.ly/brx3mU "system is designed to teach people to be middle-class" #the5

The Painter and His Window http://bit.ly/9nje7K me: indeed, do you have a window? how do you use it? #the5from @chrisbrogan

Great summary on creating good meetings that work. http://lnkd.in/PD46rA

Student ideas for green roof make school a teaching lab - The Boston Globe http://shar.es/mMBw2 #the5

Finding Your Targets with LinkedIn | Career Rocketeer - Career Search and Personal Branding Bloghttp://bit.ly/a76nu1 #the5

the answer to "how difficult it is to get into a conversation at a crowded networking event" from @RobbieSamuelshttp://bit.ly/9yobsx #the5