Thursday, July 22, 2010

job search notes: #the5

Let's go with #the5 for today, mostly job search related:

LinkedIn Job Search Tips | The Talent Buzz - I agree with all but the upgrade to the job seeker account #the5

RT @CAREEREALISM Networking Tips & Career Advice by Career Expert Deborah Shane : CAREEREALISM

He said, she said: a sibling search story - me, how relationships evolve is interesting - who has the power? #the5

RT @CAREEREALISM Career Advice, Personal Branding & Job Search Help from Top Career Experts:CARE. good info #the5

My non-bucket list me: good point, if there is a bucket list, shouldn't there be a non-bucket list? #the5 @leanneclc

And a bonus sixth one for today, just because. Yes, I miscounted again  :-)

What NETWORKING is... me: good reminder that networking is not just looking for a job now! #the5

What can you share today?