Tuesday, June 08, 2010


good morning, "Experimentation starts with a supposition" The Vital Importance of Labs http://bit.ly/akWu05 and so we start #the5

A Challenge from Coach John Wooden http://bit.ly/971LY1 me: good stuff from @gkrue @marylynn3 today! #the5

Sexual Assault and My Spiritual Pilgrimage Home http://bit.ly/drbMdr"I was able to have chocolate AND hot chocolate for breakfast"#the5

Illustrated and Narrated Explanation of Creative Commonshttp://bit.ly/aZCOwc me: well done! #the5

me: the integration of apps across the Google suite is a big plus - Slap a Map Across Your Gmail or Buzzhttp://bit.ly/9JHkZV #the5

What can you share today?