Thursday, June 17, 2010

sound and sense

If beauty (art) is in the eye of the beholder then noise (or music) is in the ears of the listener?

Sound and sense is in Franklin's history. You may recall the story of the creation of the first public library here in Franklin. The town had formed by splitting off from Wrentham and was initially called Exeter. After the successful war for independence and the actions of Benjamin Franklin, a native of Boston, some town fathers got together and sent a letter to Ben. They let him know that they were changing the name of the town to "Franklin" to honor him and his efforts for independence. They asked him to contribute a bell for the town to ring loud and clear on special occasions. He wrote back and said "sense is better than sound". He included a hundred and thirty books. That set of books started the public library and are still on display in the Library today.

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What sense do you make of your world today?