Thursday, June 10, 2010

reflections on the override

good morning, its raining here in Franklin and time for #the5 - 5 Easy Steps to a Winning Social Media Plan

In case you did not hear, the override special election failed on Tuesday by 323 votes. Terribly disappointing. Terribly upsetting. Some folks were all NO and not willing to listen or comprehend the risks and benefits involved for the community. Their community was one. I was reminded of the wisdom that the Simon and Garfunkel sang not so long ago: "Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest".

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I'll be continuing to explore ideas and ways to reach out to folks who normally don't use much of Franklin's services on a regular basis. The Betty and Bob couple, DINK possibly, busy about their respective roles, come home from the commute to relax, other than putting the trash out weekly what does Franklin do for them? They may not use the library. They are healthy and haven't called 911. Without kids, they are aware of the schools or multiple athletic groups and programs available, unless at that one time a year they get stuck in traffic behind the opening day little league baseball parade.

Can You Work From an iPad? - @chrisbrogantalks about his use of the iPad, do you have one? #the5

What's in it for me? needs to be the key question. I answered it and hence because Franklin Matters, I spend a good deal of my 'spare' time doing what I do. How do we get into what is in it for them?

Do You Need Your Social Media Expert To Have Social Skills? "many people ...don't actually have great social skills"

I know I am not the best writer in the world, but I practice a lot to get better. I am not the best networker in the world but I practice and believe I am getting better. I caught flack on the Milford Daily News comment trail for persisting in getting an elected official to answer a question. I knew he would vote no, that is okay. What was key I think was to find out under what circumstances he would vote yes. Maybe not today, maybe not next year, but sometime, the set of circumstances around the override decision would come to a point where he might say yes. I would like to know when that point is. How much will it take for Franklin to cut services before he is willing to step up for a change. Not because it was he, it was not personal. Because it would be instructive, insightful to others. I would feel better if he was just no, no, no. Indicating that his no is linked to accountablity of the funds is unacceptable. He is one who votes for those. If he knows something that he is not willing to share, then what does he know? Why shouldn't we know. His stand only feeds the conspiracy theorists who see something bad and nefarious behind anything the Town does. Transparency is required to build trust.

"many different things to many different types of people" The Two Types Of Twitter Stars @mitchjoel #the5

One of our opportunities is to help get folks to remember "e pluribus unum" "from many, one". We are in this together. Together we need to solve this. We can approach this in a respectful and honest discussion or we can roll in the mud and get as dirty as possible. John Perry Barlow's quote on "you need to learn how to disagree without being disagreeable" is so timely.

I believe that by learning something new each day, by sharing something that matters to someone, and by finding something to laugh about is what makes a day good. The day gets better when I get a chance to do more than one of each of those.

What makes your day good?

What advice would you share on how to address Franklin's problems?