Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday #the5

good morning, time for #the5 "putting processes and tools into place will extend things" - From Cottage to Company

"just might spark an unusual amount of comments or conversation" - Marketing In Twenty Minutes (Or Less) #the5

definitely spend sometime with this one of #the5 today - 15 more awesome social media infographics

"1 piece in a multiple-channel job search marketing strategy" - Is My Job Search Doomed if I Don’t Have a Network?

"Facts are stubborn things" - Why The Knee Is The Most Dangerous Part Of A Leader’s Body #the5

"leading people somewhere worthwhile in a tangible, positive way" - why most artist’s blogs fail #the5

Lots of conferences going on. Some great comments from #ocu10 & #RagaCisco last week. This week - #e2conf. Good hashtags to watch.

"taste buds - tiny onion-shaped receptors embedded in the tongue - are multipurpose" Sniff #the5

Yes, I lost count today and you get at least one bonus for #the5. There is also a retweet included to save the link for the hashtags to watch on conference activity this week.

What can you share today?