Tuesday, June 22, 2010

job search notes: Tuesday's insights

RT @CAREEREALISM 3 Traits of a True Careerealist: CAREEREALISM http://bit.ly/dt51VS "give our loyal community a place of prominence" #the5

This reflect a basic human need often referred to with the line from the TV Show 'Cheers' - "where everybody knows your name".

"All. Pretty much feel the same way" Anxiety in 2010 — Jason Seiden http://bit.ly/9WMmz5 me - do you? #the5
Spirit is as contagious as a virus. The mood of one can affect others. Wear a smile!

"having a buddy for support is the key to success" The Networking Buddy System for Job-Search Success http://bit.ly/dvNoMD #the5
Having a buddy group takes this idea a little further. One formed during the recent Job Search Jam Sessions and has been meeting regularly since. Related to the buddy concept is that of a mentor. You still get support, just in a different way.

"Anonymous commenting is an idea whose time has come and gone" Names, faces and anonymous comments http://bit.ly/c5Gq5o #the5
I agree. Anonymous comments were disabled on all of my blogs back in Feb 2008. I understand there is a need for them in some other political countries but they shouldn't be needed here. We will get further if we all learned to conduct a respectful conversation.

"we assume that our self-interest is the same that drives others" Narcissus at work http://bit.ly/cV4irE#the5 me: good stuff!

If we make that assumption, the time has come for thinking 'out of the box'! We need to be open to different view points. One of the problems I have with some of the Franklin anonymous comments on the Milford Daily News articles is that while the commenters logic is generally good, they are start from an erroneous fact. I would like to believe that if they started from the real facts, that their logic would bring them to a better place.

Where are you starting from today?

What colors your view of the world?

What can you share today?