Wednesday, June 16, 2010

job search notes: lessons from #the5

good morning, time for #the5 - PdF '10: Clay Shirky Argues for Raising the Bar on Online Politics

Raising the bar on online politics is a good though-provoking video. Like TED, it runs about 18 minutes, enough of a chunk to get thinking without loosing too much time. No waste. Good ideas. Has some legs for the job search too.
ah, so that's why the tweet counts are off - What's Happening with Twitter? #the5
So Twitter as a service has been an issue almost since it began. Of course, they really didn't know how popular they were going to be, and so quickly, so trying to bring a better architecture and stability to an operation growing exponentially has been (and is continuing to be) difficult. Our choice, bear with it.
“What? A free copy of RADICAL CAREERING? …seriously??” - a must for today's #the5, hurry there's time left 2 get yours
Caught up to Mitch Joel's Twist Image Podcast this week and found a couple of good books there. The first one is from Sally Hogshead and it is free. Since it is on career and I'm in the middle of the job search details (along with a few others) it caught my eye (ear) and might be a god one to dig into. Free has a good point of attraction! 
"perhaps one good idea in action just might trump hundreds of others that fly by" The Reaction Compulsion #the5
So take the one idea, the free book noted above and then spend time with it before doing much else.
"be like Thomas Edison in approaching social media and experiment" great advice from @kanter #the5
Spending time with it should mean trying the ideas on for size. Multiple times. Experiment. Live with the one book/idea for a while before moving on to something else.

50 Power Twitter Tips joining the crowd but it is the ONE @chrisbrogan and hence good advice, bonus #the5
A bonus, and from Chris. Mark the link, put it aside and come back to it after you have spent time experimenting.
That's all for #the5, busy day ahead, I'll check back later to see what happened with twitter bingo - Enjoy!