Wednesday, June 02, 2010

job search notes: lessons from #the5

June already. There is too much going on so we'll try to recap quickly and intermix #the5 today.

1 - Dad spoke at the Memorial Day ceremony in Smithfield, RI. The invitation came from the attention generated by his story being picked up in the local media.
"It’s no longer a specialty or a unique skill" Social Media is a Must for Job Seekers #the5
2 - Dad's health has changed and he is now legally blind. Whether this is a temporary or permanent condition remains to be seen. May get some insights on this from a doctor visit today.
Sometimes, Your Best Isn’t Good Enough good advice from @seiden and Elle, #the5
3 - Still need a tweak or so for the resume and have some calls with recruiters scheduled for this week to advance down that avenue in the job search.
7 Social Media Truths You Can Ignore and Still be Successful - bottom line = "provide value to your audience"#the5
4 - Getting back to the basics from time to time is a good thing.
15 Job Search Tips from a Guy Who Just Got a Job me: good advice from @workcoachcafe #the5

5 - Interesting perspective in this advice from a son to his father. Kind of the other way around this time as the son is employed and the father is looking.
BQ Follow-Up: A 30-Year-Old Responds "people that haven’t experienced this sort of thing" #the5
That's all for now. Time to run before the day's events take over.