Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Insights from #the5

good morning, cool today, need to run before the schedule takes over - Best formula for selling yourself - #cnn #the5 

I enjoyed the coolness of the morning much more so than the humidity of the past couple of days. The run however was short and sweet to get completed before the day's scheduled took over.

"embrace your partner's individuality and learn to roll with it" Incite 6/30/2010: Embrace Individuality #the5

If any one thing should convince you that 'no man is an island', those in a long term relationship should recognize that the partnership is a two way street. Leverage that partnership as you would any other!

Busted Alleged Russian Spies Used Steganography To Conceal Communications #the5

They were smart to use steganography. So easy to use out in the open no one would notice. The concern is that their networking and relationship building is not unlike that of many job seekers like myself. Those who worked with them are not finding that their relationship is broken and the trust shattered. What do I take away from this? I'll continue to network, I'll continue to work to build trust worthy relationships. I'll let the story to continue to unfold before doing anything else.

7 Potential Disasters Worse than the BP Spill - do you know how to manage risk? #the5

Disaster can be around every corner and under every rock (literally) if you look for it. The real key is have you spent any time on thinking through your risks? and then taking steps to develop some simple mitigations?

RT @MichaelMcCurry #SOBCon does what they call mastermind sessions mix of individual presentation, small groups and panel to follow up -they R gr8! #eventprofs

A bonus link today. SOBCon, a conference I have enjoyed for three year thus far, is starting to branch out to regional versions with the first in Colorado this September. It is more structured than an unconference (a format that I love for the peer-to-peer learning that is embedded within it). SOBCon is structured to foster the peer-to-peer learning amongst a small self-selected group at a table with the topic lead by a speaker (or speakers) and then worked on by the table to make it real. The "what's in it for me" should come out from the table as they work with the topic. If you get a chance to go to one, please consider doing so. It should be worth your while! If you need some additional info, please let me know. I'll be happy to get into more details.

8 Tips on Using Twitter to Build a Powerful Business Network - @lizstrausslays out the process #the5 #sobcon
And to close today, a Tweet from Liz Strauss, one of the co-founders of SOBCon (along with Terry Starbucker). Twitter as a micro-blog tool, can generate content and links quickly and easily. Consider how long it wold take to do a blog post versus 140 characters?

What can you share today?