Monday, June 28, 2010

get outside the box

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein
“Ignorant people aren’t stupid but merely uninformed; a marvelous advantage when you need a perspective from ‘outside the box.’ When you consult specialists within your industry, you’re talking to the builders of the box, the guardians of the box, the faithful defenders of THE BOX. So when specialists fail to provide the innovative thinking you need, ask the opinions of intelligent people who have no experience in your industry.” Roy H Williams

The meeting of the Franklin Financial Planning Committee on Weds June 22 was a frustrating one. Had I been a member, I'd have considered leaving. As I was reporting on what transpired, I felt I needed to stay. I did not report all that was said that night. There was no need to. There was nothing new there.

The chairman laid out the ground rules for idea generation, not unlike the brainstorming rules that I had just posted. The rules didn't last long. They were abused immediately and consistently. Even after patience admonishment by the chairman, the diatribes continued. The resulting list of ideas was a whopping two.

Not good progress. Maybe it was there frustration that overspilled the table. Maybe they will come around and begin to approach the problem with cooler heads.

I do believe there is always hope.

Aside from hope, there also needs to be action. Time is just passing on by.

Tim Milburn recently tweeted:
Got a problem? You can a) avoid it, b) ignore it, c) run from it, d) or solve it. Only the last one takes care of the problem.

I want to focus on trying to solve the problem. Getting outside the box will be a start!