Wednesday, May 12, 2010


What do you know? How well do you know it?

Do you make time for it according to your priorities?

Do you help folks address their needs?

Are you consistent in your actions?

Can you experiment quietly?

All these questions are addressed in today's quick reviewing of the reading available. Learn, share, enjoy!

"a loving eulogy for journalism as we thought we knew it" - The Last Great Newspaper Novel? #the5

Swipe your Social Media Response Plan from the US Air Force me: don't reinvent the wheel, leverage best practices #the5  (a must have!)

"You make time for what matters" Making Time For Evolution #the5

"help people address a specific need" How Cornerstone Content Gets You Traffic and Subscribers #the5

Are You Giving Off Mixed Signals? me: focus on the business problem you are trying to solve #the5

"Most people don't go through websites the way we want" Search Engine Optimization Vs. Social Media Optimization #th5

and a bonus one for today (yes, I continue to have trouble counting to five :-)

"experiment with drum rhythms on a quieter scale" me: cool tool! Monkey Machine - Experiment With Rhythms #the5