Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rapid Fire Learning

End of May already. Besides being too long ago, when was the last time I did a Rapid Fire Learning?

February actually, you can read about the long learning for the short month here

So what have I learned this month?

1 - teamwork remains key
The Job Search Jam Sessions came off successfully on May 14th due to the outstanding teamwork of those involved in the planning and the cooperation/collaboration spirit of those who participated.

2 - the devil is in the details
Some feedback on my resume lead me to use wordle to help analyze it with embarrassing results. Needless to say, the modifications are getting in the right direction but some more wordsmithing remains.

3 - perspectives make all the difference
With the special election  coming up in Franklin on June 8th, the various perspectives on the override are rather interesting to see. There are no easy solutions. Time, good listening, patience, appropriate explanations are all required to get through the discussion in a respectful manner.

4 - no such thing as normal
Dad's health has taken an interesting turn with a change to his eyesight. While the age-related macular degeneration (AMD) treatment has been working wonderfully, he has developed a blood clot in his good eye effectively rendering him legally blind. Needless to say, without his wheels he has some new challenges and so does the family.

5 - time is short, priorities are needed, adjustments are constant
Further along the line of 'normal' the priorities one sets may not last long. You need to be able to adjust quickly. It is a challenge but hey what are the alternatives? Challenges create the individual right!

What did you learn this month? Feel free to share here, on your blog, or on Rosa Say's blog where she has her Rapid Fire Learning for May posted.