Saturday, May 15, 2010

job search jam sessions - success through the 'power of we'!

Thanks to the 71 folks who participated in yesterday's Job Search Jam Sessions, the event was a success by most any measure. The attitude of the folks was very much inline with the t-shirt Linda put on during her Super-networker impression:

Great presentations lead by
Joanne Dustin - Keys to Successful Interviewing
Suzanne Gray - Self-Employment & Franchising
Linda Waters - 7 Habits of a Successful Networker
Ricky Berger - Art of Negotiating
Joseph Mullin - Linkedin
Bill Lippincott - Networking (and a separate session on 'The Age Question')
Denise Zazzera - Buddy groups
Bob Heiselmeyer - Milford Career Center programs

A buddy group formed during the session.

Smiles were observed on a number of faces as they left the sessions.

There was a great deal of buzz in the main hall between sessions.

Thanks to the organizing team
Marilyn Johnson
Pauline Lussier
Denise Zazzera
Gil Krispien 
Christine Hurley

This was also posted to the Job Search Jam Session website here