Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gee, I want some of that!

What happens when you hear overhear a conversation between two people who are clearly having some fun?

Don't you find yourself saying: "Gee, I want some of that!"

Take that "G" and add it to "Big" and you can understand how "Bigg success" got it's name!

I happened to met George and MaryLynn at SOBCon  a couple of years ago. We found ourselves at the same "master mind" table, really getting into the discussion with Anita Bruzzese and Kristen King. The schedule slipped, the master mind sections disappeared into the ether and we felt a lack of closure.

This year at SOBCon we arranged to get together for the Saturday sessions and along with Ben Curnett, we all had a great discussion.

The conversation continues and you can hear it on the Bigg Success podcast here

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