Thursday, April 22, 2010


"nothing fuses a disparate assembly into a politically effective whole like fear of the other" #the5

"look at it like a latter-day cereal box, the countryside is all natural" #the5

"If you’re patient and pay attention, you’ll see it. Still. Everywhere" #the5

Who do you love? "Begin every morning with ten minutes of gratitude thinking" #the5

"It’s an unconference set to explore what happens when a person dies. What happens to your digital assets?" #the5

A bit of a mix today. From earth and nature, to community, to the inevitable we all face. The question is only when. As a fully enabled Google user, I wonder if what @CCChapman and @chrisbrogan are going through is just a coincidence or the earlier signs of a pattern. If a pattern, I'll be somewhere along the line.

Skipping ahead to the inevitable end, what will happen to our digital assets? This is a great topic for an unconference! I wish I was in CA to participate.

And a bonus link today, I stopped by the Parish Center to create a brief video of the space we'll use for the Job Search Jam Sessions coming up May 14th. Have you made your reservation yet?
Job Search Jam Sessions: Video tour of the Job Search Jam Session facility #js2hop