Tuesday, April 20, 2010


good morning! Tuesday sun rise sheds light on a new day to accomplish much. Let's see what we can find in #the5

Food, games, beanbags, scooters, robots, gorillas, fast growth, and smart people http://bit.ly/bfKeLd #the5

LinkedIn Network Statistics. Do You Believe Them? http://bit.ly/bHQ4MZ "Look at your network statistics over time" #the5

5 Reasons Why Nobody Should Job Search Alone http://bit.ly/dwv6Vj me: nothing more to add to the title #the5

Networking? You’ll Need A Heart Of Gold. http://bit.ly/aL4k8u "you will make others feel good" #the5

The Cost of Free Technology for Nonprofits: Thoughts On Ning http://bit.ly/b2VSHq - Me: great question from @kanter #the5