Tuesday, April 06, 2010


good morning Tuesday! sun is up and shining already, time for#the5 before I drop the car for service. What will you learn/share today?

LinkedIn – 10 Tips for Effectively Using Your “Status Update”http://bit.ly/c0W2Pc me: good reasons why to do this! #the5

Networking and Selling DO NOT Mix! by Larry Jameshttp://bit.ly/cHJPHG "Networking is a business activity" #the5

Gone in 60 Seconds http://bit.ly/97TdKE "everyone cares about finding work they’re passionate about" #the5

Why Men Golf http://bit.ly/aJ7pjQ @seiden "giddyap, that wagon is leaving the station!" get on board this one now! #the5

Framework: Rings of Influencehttp://bit.ly/9a5KON "start with smallest ring and move out" what ring are you in today? #the5

Lots of images (rings of influence), action (wagon leaving the station), and feelings (passionate) today. All good signs of life!