Wednesday, April 07, 2010

job search notes: #the5 for today!

good morning, Wednesday! Prepare to enjoy a gorgeous weather day while it lasts. Time for #the5 before other events take priority

How to Handle an Hor d’Oeurves Plate at a Networking Function @seiden with 2 good tips #the5

12 Social Media Secrets From World’s Top Superstars yet another listing - bottomline "There Is No Silver Bullet" #the5

How to Get an Interview with Your Cover Letter: 3 Essential Cover Letter Tips "tailored to the job" #the5

When It Comes to Resumes…Sweat the Small Stuff! "you are painting a whole-person picture" #the5 @rWorkCoachCafe

Hitting Your Numbers: The 5/Day Formula "At some level, job hunting really is a numbers game" yes, it is! #the5

So how would I summarize #the5 today?

While there is no 'silver bullet', the devil is in the details, it takes work to be more than just a number, it takes work to be your number one brand. Consistency and patience will pay off! Be good, enjoy the day!