Friday, April 23, 2010

From the archives - "Letter to Allison"

While looking for something else, I found this:

"We attend too many seminars. We take too many classes. We buy too many books. We play too many audios in our cars. It's all wasted if we're unclear on what learning really is: Learning is not attending, listening or reading. Nor is it merely gaining knowledge. Learning is really about translating knowing what to do into doing what we know. It is about changing. If we have not changed we have not learned. What have you learned today?" - John G. Miller 

I added this to my quote collection.

It comes from a longer post, a letter to our daughter Allison that was to be read by her when she participated in a retreat while at college. I liked what Dolores and I wrote then, I like it even now.

Take a minute or two to read it here