Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Drew Brew night

6 kettles were lined up for us to brew last night at Deja Brew in Shrewsbury, MA. Dave and Keith were the master brewers keeping an eye on us. It is not real hard work. Actually, it is more like cooking than anything else. You have a recipe, measure out the grain, put it through the grinder, add it to the kettle (already filled with water), wait until it heats to about 180 degrees, add the first hops, time it, add the second hops, time it, add the finishing hops, time it. Let it set for about ten minutes. Then it gets drawn off via the 'cold filter' into the plastic bag lined tub where it will ferment for 2-3 weeks. We return after Deja Brew has moved it from the tub into a container that we draw from to add CO2 as we bottle it up to take home and enjoy!

You can do home brew but Deja Brew makes it so easy and they do the cleanup!

Additional photos and the list of beers brewed last night will follow shortly. Enjoy!

By the way, despite the advertising for a major beer saying that it is 'cold filtered', all beer is. If it wasn't cold filtered, the yeast would get killed as soon as it was added and it would not ferment. Cold filtering drops the temperature from the boiling point 212 degrees F to just about 100 degrees F. This is a good temp for the yeast to do its thing.