Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Deja Brew - 6 kettle batch

Here are the six beers we made at Deja Brew:

Olde English Strong Ale A very strong, dark & malty English Ale
A Great BOD Our Version of Boddingtons’s Bitter. A nice Ale
Dublin’s Half A light hopped Harp’s Style. The pale half of a black and tan.
Mile High Lager A Coors style beer
Red Tail Ale A medium bodied red ale, good hop bouquet but balanced in taste
Maple Stout One of the best stouts you’ll ever taste. You provide the Maple Syrup.

Each of the six kettles we did last night, it was the first time we did these beers. The full listing of the 71 kettles that the group has made to date for a total of 54 unique beers:

Beer Total
Hearty Christmas Ale 3
Killer Honey Ale 3
Llevar Porter 3
Stunner 3
Bavarian Pilsner 2
Gnarly Barley Wine 2
Goibniu 2
Honey Summer Ale 2
Light Irish Stout 2
Lobster Claw 2
McTartan’s Scotch Ale 2
Off Kilter Scotch 2
Oktoberfest Beir 2
A Great BOD 1
Beaver Back Pale 1
Blueberry Ale 1
Castle Brown Ale 1
Chocolate Cream Stout 1
Crazed & Confused 1
Dave's Red 1
Dean Park Pilsner 1
Deja Fest 1
Double Scotch Ale 1
Downtown Brown 1
Drunken Monk Ale 1
Dublin’s Half 1
Dunrovin Stout 1
Forest Fire Red 1
Greg’s Big Head Stout 1
Helles Lager 1
Jeff Beck Lager 1
Klawtobier 1
Lawnmower Lager 1
Maple Stout 1
Mile High Lager 1
Old Man Winter Ale 1
Olde English Strong Ale 1
Piper Scottish Ale 1
Queen Bee Lager 1
Ray's Bock 1
Red Head Ale 1
Red Rider Ale 1
Red Tail Ale 1
Rocket Bock 1
Rusty Anchor Lager 1
Rye Blond 1
Sam’s Damn Yummy 1
Scotch Amber 1
Special Delivery Ale 1
The Rock 1
Thoroughbred Red 1
Tim’s Dim Wit Bier 1
Top Drop Dopplebock 1
Wachusett Pale 1
Grand Total 71