Tuesday, March 23, 2010


it is late in the day but time to do #the5, have you shared something worthy today?

The Social Media Bubble http://bit.ly/aIuoUa "Real relationships are patterns of mutual investment" #the5

It's All About the Friendships! http://bit.ly/cctzND "What's your "investment plan" for the week?" #the5

Jobs http://bit.ly/aWKDC1 "I'm talking about the desperate need for jobs for young Americans" #the5

5 Tips To Maintain Momentum In Job Search http://bit.ly/aWsQMo"You have to believe that it will happen" #the5

Google Bookmarks Gets Public and Private Lists, Collaboration Toolshttp://bit.ly/bS0Ie2 "one of Google's lesser known services" #the5

that's all for #the5 today, stay dry here in MA folks! I'll tune in later to see what happens with Twitter Bingo http://bit.ly/c3Nrya