Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Top o' the morning to all! may the luck of the Irish be with you all today! it's time for #the5

Booking Guests for Your Podcast "head and shoulders above other podcasters" is @adamweiss #the5 (Note: I bought my podcasting kit from Adam at the first PodCamp Boston back in 2006. It has been a very good investment!)

Blog: The Laid Off IT Guy! Condo Rehab "turned out to be an all out remodel project" #the5

How US Government Spies Use Facebook "LinkedIn can be useful in finding expert witnesses" #the5

Internet of Things Explained (Video) "we can actually begin to hear the planet talking to us" great news! #the5

Twitter is the New Tool for Job Seekers "a crude, yet effective, example of social media networking" #the5

that's all for #the5 today, have a great St Pat's folks! I'll tune in later to see what happens with Twitter Bingo