Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Here are the five things I found to share:

Become a Resource to Grow Your Network http://bit.ly/dlEo8t "make sure that you are consistent in helping others" #the5

Entertainment vs Education http://jasonseiden.com/entertainment-vs-education/ Elle remembers the movie details, Jason adds insight #the5

8 Easy Twitter Monitoring Ideas http://bit.ly/bFg29v - intro'd to Tweetgrid via @johnhaydon video, love it, simple and effective! #the5

7 Career Pros Talk Job Search 2.0 http://bit.ly/bG1DVw me: great advice from @workcoachcafe #the5

Why Talented People Quit "what you glean intuitively from the space between the lines" http://bit.ly/agF1Xo #the5

that's all for #the5 today, have a great Tuesday folks! I'll tune in later to see what happens with Twitter Bingo http://bit.ly/c3Nrya