Friday, March 12, 2010

Five for Friday: #the5

good morning, happy Friday! time to get into #the5 and see what is good to share today

music of opportunity, sound of potential the video is well done, spend six minutes to be inspired this AM #the5 

You Can’t Fake It. Stop Trying. "Your brain, however, is not so smart" #the5 @seiden with good advice

6 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Small Businesses "is LinkedIn the red-headed stepchild of social media?" #the5

Social Media for Job Search Advice: Stop Fondling the Hammer! look to define your nail! #the5

The Networking One Night Stand "make sure this system includes a “tickler” mechanism" #the5

that's all for #the5 today, have a great Friday folks! I'll tune in later to see what happens with Twitter Bingo

What can you share today?