Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Our Perception of Others – Kitchen Table Talks http://bit.ly/d9CZJm me: practical insights from @chrisbrogan #the5

Feeling Good Isn’t the Same as Feeling Strong http://bit.ly/accyYH "Here is the aha! awareness to have" advice from @rosasay #the5

The doormat, the jerk and the lizard brain http://bit.ly/9EDT2t "Fear is the driver here, it's fear that pushes people" #the5

The Five Profitable Positions in any Marketplace http://bit.ly/aqDhp4 "if you know your position, you know how to compete" #the5

The way we dance http://bit.ly/9aEwSH me: Christina's wonderful and loving words about her son #the5

What do you have to share today?