Thursday, February 18, 2010

job search notes: there's an app for that, plus

Making the rounds of my RSS Feeds, I have the following to share:

Hill's book is invaluable for anyone who wants to get their life and career on a better track. What Don has done is codified the work. That's the app. If Hill suggests a process, Cote has a worksheet. For now, it's on paper, but they're working on an electronic version, as well, for those folks like me who live and die by their smartphone and Outlook.
Read more about the integrity gap here

Here's an "app" for the integrity gap

Building a network is one thing but building a network of advocates is another thing.  In order to have a quality network that is there to help and support your efforts, you need to find ways to develop a network of advocates.

...vwhat people really fear is the unknown. It’s the stress of that moment before you know if you’ve won or lost—before you know if everything will turn out all right—that people fear.
And avoid.
What’s nice is, you can work with a fear of the unknown.

The unknown can become known by asking some questions and doing some research. Jason provides some

Practical Inspiration: You Are Not Afraid of Failure

How creating a profile in one space can help you to springboard into another space
This is amongst the questions that Michael gets into when he interviews Darren Rowse of Problogger. You have a profile on LInkedIn. Why not consider establishing a blog? Listen to the interview here

How Bloggers Should Use Twitter (a Darren Rowse Interview)

The more folks who know you, the better your chances
Great advice and positioned within all that Kevin did for the past several months. Read the full posting here

Tips From a Seven-Month Job Search