Monday, February 15, 2010

job search notes: career one stop

The US Dept. of Labor did some crowd sourcing to compile resources to help the job seekers. I found their site last year, registered, suggested and voted on some site that I had used and found helpful. I received the following email:

Thank you for participating in the Department of Labor’s Tools for America’s Job Seekers Challenge.  This was the Department of Labor’s first foray into the use of crowd sourcing and other web 2.0 technologies, and we consider your participation a major factor in the success of the Challenge.

Over the course of the three month challenge, over 16,000 registered users cast 30,000 votes for the 634 submitted tools.  The Department of Labor has examined these tools, users, and votes for fraud, abuse, and other questionable content and has posted the top tools in alphabetical order on .  We also intend to make the  available for some time to allow job seekers, the workforce community, and the public to browse and use all submitted tools. 

During the next few weeks, the Department of Labor will upload all submitted job tools to so job seekers, the workforce community, and the public will be able to link to these tools from a single site. 

The Department of Labor will continue updating this list of online job tools, and hopes to conduct more “Tools for America’s Job Seekers” challenges in the future.

Thank you again for participating in the Challenge, and be sure to check out the top tools on

So, without further delay, check out the tools at