Saturday, February 20, 2010

Create your own Olympic light show

I saw Bernie's post yesterday:
According to Switched The ten, online user-controlled (yes, really, go ahead and try it while you still can) search lights currently installed on each side of Vancouver's English Bay is the work of none other than Major Fun Award-winner Rafael Lozano-Hemmer!
"Ah!" says I, and also "ha!" How satisfying it is to see a Major Fun award-winner earn something closely equivalent to gold medal Olympic recognition for playfulness.
And also that my buddy Rick Hamrick had tried one.

I did it myself this morning. It was quite easy to do, although I wasn't really sure what it would look like.

Note: I normally use Firefox but for some reason, the live video wouldn't show. I tried IE 8.0 and the same problem, it was loading and loading forever. I switched to Chrome and the live video popped right up without delay.

You can view my Olympic light show here: