Wednesday, December 09, 2009

job search notes: 3 must read links to share

From Sean Nelson writing at Social Media Sonar:
Your LinkedIn Connection Strategy will impact how you use LinkedIn and in the end your chances of finding success. Here we look at the 4 strategies: The Lion, The Turtle, The HoundDog, and The Alley Cat. What are you?

This is my last post for the Blogoff 2 contest.  You can help by reading the blog and posting a comment on the blog.  Read full post:
From Tim Tyrell-Smith writing at Spin Strategy:
One of the early and most interesting discussions on the LinkedIn group was about the use of a photo on LinkedIn and what that photo said about you.  Now, I will tell you that I have always had a photo there.  Because I think it is a vital way to introduce yourself to the business world.  And to remind people (you worked with ten years ago) who you are . . .
So I tried to think about some reasons why, in this modern age, people would leave a photo off of their profile.  Are you saying any of these things?
If you absolutely don't want a picture but would like a complete profile, you have this option to consider: Sabra Davis uses a white JPG file as her photo.

From Chad Levitt writing at New Sales Economy:

I find it sad that so many good people are without jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. I have heard many stories about the hardships that many people and families are going through. I truly hope that the unemployment situation becomes better and those that are struggling find their way.

But, hope is not enough — you need to do more then ever before in this job market to find a job or keep your job. This is the reality of our new world good bad or indifferent.

Here are 9 action items that you can take to defend yourself from the lost jobs decade and go on the attack with your personal brand:
Continue reading to find the 9 here.

Have you found any good stuff to share?

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