Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas - Proulx half

We do Christmas twice each year. Once with Dolores' family and once with my side of the family. This was part of the choice we made to be home for the holidays.

Christmas for the Proulx's was at Joanne's house this year. We did a "Yankee swap" gift exchange.

Before the swap started, Joanne shared a photo album she had put together from the family photo archive:

Joey (who is not yet of drinking age) initially opened a bottle of Bailey's and got excited. Alas, he didn't get to keep it.

Dad Proulx was puzzled and challenged by the tape to open his uniquely shaped choice. It turned out to be a great one to reach those hard places on the back to scratch.

Dolores opened this sweat shirt but it looks like it fits Carolyn, who will wear it first?

While not all the gifts are shown here, everyone did end up with something good. I trust your Christmas was enjoyable!

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