Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bubble sort

End of this work week, end of this month, end of this year (almost) - lots of 'ends' coming together at this time.
Hence, time for bubble sorting. Looking back over each period, bubbling up the key points, consolidating/condensing the multivariant points to a theme or collection of themes, if possible.

Start with a long list.
Which of these is most like the other?
Put them into like categories.
Then take another pass through the shortened list.

Looking for the single instances to pair them up, looking for the doubles to make them triples, etc.

Soap bubbles, originally uploaded by Ernst Vikne.

As an example, some project data I am working on concerns business service category. Due to the open formating allowance, there are over 400 entries. Many of these actually are similar to one another. The first pass at combining them shorted the listing of over 400 to about 160. Further consolidation and combination has reduced the listing to approx. 60 categories. I'll socialize this listing with some co-workers for validation that it makes sense to them.

For my own period review, the socialization will come here. From the consolidation effort, a story will emerge. You can provide feedback on the story via comments or reading activity. 

What are you doing to wrap up the year?

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